Author of the project Heart of Europe – The Association Theatre Kolenc

is the author and lead partner of the project representing the Municipality of Litija .

Address: Vače 12, 1252 Vače, Slovenia

Status: NGO/Nonprofit



Tel: 00386 1897 6680, 00386 31 225 097

The Association was the first pedagogic theatre in Slovenia. It is a professional organization that at its conception in 1992 at its initial stage worked as an interest group. Since 2003 it operates as an expert 10-member organization and works with numerous organizations, schools and other educational organizations, companies, associations in Slovenia and abroad. The current authorship project is the second international project that is financed by Europe for Citizens.

The basic mission of the Association is teaching and spreading consciousness, with the help of experiencing art and culture. Beside the numerous pedagogic, animating performances and events, in accordance with the curriculums of the Slovenian schools, the Association is also the authorized executioner for all the programs and tours relaying to its mission of the Association GEOSS. With the expert theatre approach it guides along different learning paths, that are connected with cultural heritage, and are interdisciplinary connected with history, archaeology, ethnology, and art. With these tasks and this approach (that is with the help of art and nature), the Association Theatre Kolenc  strives to present people  experiences, connected with values such as respect, love, compassion, bravery, heartiness. Our ancestors were likewise connected to these values, for it was on the basis of these values that prompted the event Crow’s Flight that was the basis for the initial project of the Family Theatre Kolenc into the international towns’ networking of heart points. That is going to be the way the Association Theater Kolenc is going to create and network the heart points of the Heart of Europe.  



Address: Vače 10, 1252 Vače

Status: NGO/Nonprofit



Phone: 00386 90 72 80

The present-day association GEOSS, as we know it in 2019, has evolved since 1981, when several organizational forms and names have passed: from the »Vače 81 Project Committee«, through the »Vače Tourism Society« to the independent association GEOSS, which been with the members, involved in GEOSS activities since 1981, founded in 1998.

GEOSS is an association of special importance and extraordinary people. Several professional excursions have taken place over the years of the associations’s activity, but otherwise it has regular meetings of all its working bodies, which are primarily concerned with the care and development of GEOSS.

GEOSS is the legal guardian and initiator of all symbolic contents of the center of Slovenia – the geometric center of Slovenia. The Association is interdisciplinary and operates on four levels:

  1. GEOSS – the association is responsible for the development and greater visibility of the GEOSS area, for the technical implementation of all its tasks and for the social connection in the wider GEOSS area.
  2. GEOSS – concession is a part of the association that implements the GEOSS law and accordingly shapes and implements the content of Slovenia’s central cultural heritage site. The point GEOSS is of considerable symbolic value to the Slovenians, as it represents the heart of a country in which its noblest qualities of acceptance, compassion and love are gathered; it also represents the millennial rootedness of Slovenes in this area. The key orientation and main goal of the association is to connect diversity in the common roots of Slovenes and to create links between the peoples of Europe as well as the world.
  3. The professional part of the association is the GEOSS Expert Center (center for archeology, ethnology, anthropology, geology, ecology, biology and pedagogy), which seeks to provide a professional foundation for all GEOSS projects.
  4. GEOSS – juncture for NGOs on a regional level, functions as a support system for NGOs – as a center for NGOs for the Zasavje region.



Address: Ulica Franca Mlakarja 46, 1000 Ljubljana

Status: NGO/Nonprofit



Tel: 00386 59 927 619

The idea of starting the Civil Resource Centre was born when the founders of it were implementing a project about the active citizenship and realized that this topic is still just a concept without any real realization in a society which is apathetic and disconnected from the national democratic decision-making processes. At the European level, the active civic participation is significant in more reduced scale. The main objective of the Civil Resource Centre is to provide assistance to individuals and non-governmental organizations for effective participation in European policy and for active use of rights, which, as European citizens have. The Centre provides information and offers assistance in finding partners at national and European level. It encourages and supports civic participation in European concerns by providing knowledge and useful information. This aims to improve the conditions for involvement of civil society at national and European level. The Centre wishes to contribute to a larger number of project applications to the program EZD, Erasmus+ and other similar programs and initiatives.

The objectives and vision of the Civil Resource Centre, based on the perception of the problems in our modern society are:

• To motivate and support civil participation in the processes of creating national and European policies

• To motivate and support civil participation in the processes of creating national and European policies through the program “Europe for Citizens” and other related national and transnational programs.

• To create and develop the capacity (knowledge and experience) for a successful European participation in policy-making by building long-term partnerships and networks at national and transnational level and to improve conditions for civic engagement at national and European level.

• To improve conditions for civic engagement at national and European level

• To improve the quality of life in local communities

• To develop new business, social entrepreneurship

• To raise the capacity and inclusion of NGOs and integration with other NGOs in Europe