Comitato 10 Febbraio

Address: Via Chiusi 68, Rome, Italy

Status: NGO / Nonprofit organization



Tel / fax: +393398224392

Comitato 10 Febbraio has 400 members in Italy, Europe, USA, Australia, and South America.

In 2004, a law establishing a holiday was passed in Italy for the 10th of February, which is now celebrated every year as Giorno del Ricordo.

The organization Comitato 10. Febbraio was born after the adoption of this law in order to preserve the memory of the historical presence of Italian people on the eastern side of the Adriatic (learn more on their website).

The organization firmly believes that the knowledge of the (entire) history is of crucial importance for building the European identity.

Their activities:

– remembrance of history

– promoting Italian culture, language, tradition as a part of the mosaic of European identity


Their work is dedicated to:

– cultural events

– book presentations and conversations

– work in schools



European common identity must be based on diversity!

They believe that the European system of uniting makes a mistake when it tries to erase differences. State identity is not something that would be directed against other cultures, but it is part of the common European identity.

The best way to act against Euroscepticism is to protect local and national identities and to promote the awareness that Europe forms from these identities.

Promotion of cultural heritage:

preserving and promoting the heritage to protect our roots is crucial. It is important not only to promote archaeological finds but also the:

– literature

– culture

– dialects

– local traditions

– art

– individual and communal memories

And one of the most important heritages is our flag.


In Italy, this is a very sensitive issue:

– Large migrant waves have brought with them a sense of uncertainty and

– The Euroscepticism that stems from that.

According to the organization, the way we deal with this phenomenon is crucial for the solving of this problem. If properly handled, migration can also be an opportunity.


– A permit to enter the country should be issued to a controlled number of people that we could give full protection to,

– The number of accepted people should be linked to the actual capabilities of the state; it should be such that they can ensure that they can be fully integrated.


– the immigrants should learn the host’s, in this case Italian, language, Italian culture, and tradition, so that these people can become involved in the Italian, that is, their society.

– The creation of ghettos must be avoided.


They are committed to solving unemployment, led by:

– “Think locally, act locally,” which is a model for the development of the economy that would not damage the local environment, especially in remote areas;

– Invest in innovation, art, agriculture, crafts, culture, and activities that are crucial for solving unemployment.

Opportunities from Europe

These include: the involvement of young people through further cultural exchanges, cooperation between schools and universities, and partnerships (as with this project, the Project Heart of Europe).

The advantage for joining in the work should be given to the young people, who need the option to create a family and a good and healthy future, which is also a key strategic point for the future of Europe.

 Art and culture

Art and culture are very important elements for the promotion and ensuring the European identity. We need to:

– propose the elements of the European heritage as a fundamental value

– promote tourism, not only in Italy and France, but in Europe

– form and shape websites about a common European heritage

– create pathways for the European culture

In this sense, they already cooperate and work with Radici nel Mondo (»The Roots of the World«), which proposes innovative forms of sustainable cultural tourism.


In Italy, this activity is highly developed, due to the character of the Italians and the frequent natural disasters that they face.

Most recently in 2016/2017 there was a strong series of earthquakes.

On this occasion, as on previous ones, the Italian volunteer network has done everything to help the people and to work in the cities affected by these disasters.

For this reason, the association Comitato 10 Febbraio is partnered with Rieti Municipality in this project.

Municipality of Rieti

– It has less than 48,000 inhabitants

– The main city of the central province was hit by an earthquake

– The Municipality is the geographical centre of Italy, like Vače in Slovenia

– People of the Roman era called it umbilicus Italie, the bellybutton of Italy

Unfortunately, the centre of Rieti has suffered in the last earthquake, and is struggling to save its economy and its heritage.

The young people from Rieti returned to their place to help their communities recover. The European Community has also been very helpful as it allocated  1 billion € to rebuild the city from the European Investment Bank.

The European Union can be something we can be proud of.

Comitato Society 10. Feb. looks forward to a project event in Rieti, scheduled for May 11 and 12, 2019 (the date is changed from April 13-14, and is not yet confirmed).

The best way towards mutual acceptance, compassion, and love that enables international cooperation, friendship, and connectivity is respecting identity.

Through art, culture, the promotion of (material and immaterial) heritage, history, language, we can recognize each other and build a great collaboration in the massive frame of our common European identity.

So that we would feel like a part of the European Community founded in a way that allows people to bring their culture and values into it, we must also recognize and respect the differences – as parts of a beautiful mosaic that needs every little part to be whole.